BookDoc Partnership: PERKESO Health Screening Program (HSP)

BookDoc is a new application used by PERKESO to enable its eligible insured persons to access information of panel clinics and make online appointments for SOCSO Health Screening Program (HSP). This enhancement is PERKESO’s latest effort to improve accessibility to service providers and encourage more participation in the HSP.


With this application, insured persons will be able to search for HSP panels nearby, schedule appointment and easily access information of the panel (e.g. phone number, address with navigation function, operating hours). To access the full functionality, kindly register a personal account either through


(a)the Application “BookDoc” that is downloadable for FREE through App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android phones); OR


(b)Our website online – www.bookdoc.com

According to PERKESO, by default, all HSP Panels shall be listed on BookDoc platforms. Advance function which allows real-time appointment scheduling is made available to HSP Panels which have completed the registration with us. This advance function could reduce patient wait-time considerably, while allowing the HSP Panels to manage traffic at their respective clinics.


To complete the registration, please


(a) Call us at our hotline 1300-882-362 (Malaysia); OR


(b) Leave your details through our website, www.bookdoc.com, by clicking on “List your practice on BookDoc” located at the top-right corner of the page. We will be in touch and provide further explanation; OR


(c) Email us directly at care@bookdoc.com


For all general users (including the eligible insured persons), user registration and the basic functions including appointment booking are available for FREE.


For PERKESO’s HSP Panel Clinic, the registration for BookDoc and usage of its scheduling system for all HSP related appointments will be offered to you Free of Charge (FOC) as part of the joint CSR initiatives by both PERKESO and BookDoc.


* Applicable to Malaysia only

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact PERKESO or BookDoc.



Hotline: 03-4264 5089 or 03-4252 1258/4475/4476
Email: hsp@perkeso.gov.my
Website: sihat.perkeso.gov.my


Hotline: 1300 88 2362
Email: care@bookdoc.com
Website: BookDoc.com