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Corporate Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

One-stop Solution for Managing Employee Claims

With our Employee Benefits feature, employees can not only submit and manage their flexi-benefit claims but also check their entitlements and utilization with ease.

Employers (in particular Human Resources departments) can manage and monitor employees’ claims through a dedicated portal with analytics which track real-time utilization. With this data, employers have access to detailed records of claims and will be able to reduce opportunities for abuses by clinics and employees, thereby raising workplace productivity and reducing employee healthcare costs.

Online Marketplace

Best Price Guarantee

Marketplace is a corporate health-centric online store for corporations and employees to enjoy a wide range of attractive health-related products and services, such as discounted medical packages, fitness centre memberships, healthcare items, treatments, and health & wellness appliances. Access to Marketplace can be extended to employees’ family members thereby encouraging preventive care among insured staff and their families.

Health Coaching

Achieve Your Ideal Weight

The importance of one’s diet in weight management and overall health cannot be understated. Our qualified team of experienced in-house dieticians and nutritionists can help you achieve your weight and health goals. In fact, many users have reported success by achieving their goal weight with the help of our Health Coaching feature.

With Health Coaching, you will receive a tailor-made weight management programme, personal consultation with nutritionists and dieticians, and active progress tracking and monitoring.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

Join Our Virtual Challenges and Win Prizes

We regularly work with corporations to run Virtual Challenges and competitions for their employees to join. Employees can enter Virtual Challenges and stand a chance at winning cash vouchers and other attractive prizes, such as smartphones and smartwatches. Our Virtual Challenges are a fun and effective way to incentivise and reward a healthy workforce.


Why Go Corporate?

The Future is Digitization

By streamlining employee healthcare claims systems, our Employee Benefits module saves employers time, money and effort.